Easter in Wonderland


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£ 7.65    On the gate: £8.50 per child (2-16)

£6.75    On the gate: £7.50 per adult

FREE- Under 2’s

£ 5.85   On the gate: £6.50 over 60’s and disabled


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The White Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt 

Follow Alice down the giant Rabbit hole into Wonderland for an Easter Egg Hunt like no other!

The White Rabbit is late for a very important date and that date is Easter! He’s promised to help the Easter Bunny with chocolate egg distribution, but the chocolate didn’t arrive on time and he’s all of a fluster!

Perhaps the boys and girls could help him out by finding him to collect the chocolate!

the ‘what a card’ show

Alice is trying to help the Queen of Hearts feel at home. After all, she is royalty! All of the boys and girls must learn how to behave in front of such an important person. But the Queen is used to lots of servants who will do exactly what she says and shouldn’t they all be playing cards?

And where are all the red roses? Alice is confused. Playing cards wearing red noses? This Queen really is completely bonkers!

Perhaps Alice could teach the Queen how to play cards The Bluebell Dairy way, and if the boys and girls all join in with a bonkers game of SNAP and perhaps a song to go with it!

queen of hearts royal croquet

Practice your skills at ‘The Royal Croquet Grounds’!

Flamingoes and Hedgehogs galore! But watch out for that nasty Queen….she could appear at any moment to tell you all off!

animal activities

And not to forget our lovely Spring Animals!

Lamb Bottle Feeding, Sheep Racing, and (hopefully!) Baby Bunnies will all be available for families to take part in!