Professor Salamander’s Travelling Beasts


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Adult: £7.16 (£7.95 on the gate)

Child: £7.65 (£8.50 on the gate)

Concession (Disabled or over 60’s) £6.53 (£7.25 on the gate)

Under 2- FREE

Adult Member- FREE

Child Member- FREE


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Professor Salamander and his Travelling Beasts ‘Phantomime’

Professor Salamander, a Wizard of the highest order, has got himself in all sorts of trouble lately. Or rather, his friends have. When I say friends, I actually mean the Mythical Beasts he keeps in his suitcase…(It’s bigger on the inside). Unfortunately one of his latest discoveries has decided it doesn’t want to get back in the case, it would rather wander around in search of it’s favourite food – Ice Cream! Where better for a mythical beast to go then, than Bluebell Dairy Farm!

Mythical Beasts Farm Trail

Set out across the farm and through the spooky Maize field in search of the Mythical Beasts nests and lairs…but be careful what you find out there!

Dragons, Phoenixes, Mermaids, Basilisks, Arachnids and more…..once you’ve found them all, claim your Pumpkin prize at the end!!

free pick your own pumpkin and carving

Visit our Pumpkin Patch to pick your very own Halloween Pumpkin!

With every full paying child ticket, you will receive a FREE Pumpkin! As big or as small as you like then head over to the Bale Barn to carve your Pumpkin and leave the mess with us!


bug encounters

Are you brave enough to come face to face with Tarantulas, Scorpions and other giant bugs! Then be sure to join us for some creepy crawly sessions and learn all about these weird and fantastic beasts!