The most fun you’ll have this Halloween


It’s back, BIGGER and BETTER than ever before

A pumpkin picking patch with thousands of pumpkins, Halloween trail, and daily spooky shows, there’s always something frightening for you to enjoy!

Join us at Bluebell Dairy for our fantastic festival!

FREE Pumpkin with every child ticket*

But it’s NOT JUST PUMPKINS, we have lots of Activities and Shows:

🎃 Pumpkin patch
🔪 Pumpkin carving
👻NEW! Trick or Treat Training Show
🥒 Pansy Pickle’s Pumpkin Pursuit
🍎 Piggy Apple bobbing
🐑 Spooky Sheep race
👩🏽‍🎤 Fancy dress parade
🎪 Ghoulish play barn
👾 Muddy Monster Trail
🌽 NEW! Trick or Treat Maize Maze
🍧 Halloween Ice Scream flavours


October 23rd – 31st 2021

NEW! Trick or Treat Training Show

Bibbety and Bobbety are in Halloween training! If Halloween is going to be a success then they have to make sure that everyone knows how to Trick or Treat properly! Bobbety slipped up last week when he went Trick or Treating and made all poor Pany Pickle’s Pumpkins disappear – they’re still dealing with the fallout of that! So for the benefit of all the boys and girls (& Bobbety) There is a training area all ready for new Trick or Treat recruits! You have to pass the test to be a true Trick or Treater! Get ready to knock on that door, get the sneak technique and Trick or Treat like a pro!

Pansy’s Pumpkin Pursuit

Pansy Pickle the Pumpkin Picker is a peculiar person. She just LOVES pumpkins. She loves them so much that it’s the only thing she ever eats! Some tricksy Trick-or-Treaters came to her house and because she hadn’t got any sweets (only pumpkins) she decided to go for a ‘Trick’ rather than a ‘Treat’ and they hid her precious pumpkins Perhaps the boys and girls can help. The Trick or Treaters have given her special clues – can they solve the riddles? And can they do it in time for the cooking timer to go off for her Pumpkin Pie preparations?

Pumpkin picking patch

We have thousands to choose from in all shapes and sizes. Each child gets a FREE PUMPKIN plus you can buy as many extras as you like. Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional Jack-O-Lantern or a spooky spider pumpkin, we’ve got it all.

NEW! Trick or Treat Maize Maze

Once a year, the maize maze comes alive. There are ghoulish surprises up every turn: monsters, witches and more. The perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit ( if you’re not a fan of trick or treating on All Hallows Eve).

Pumpkin Carving

Before you go to your Halloween party, stop by our pumpkin carving table for a spooky halloween lantern. We’ll turn your pumpkin into a spooktacular Jack-o-lantern within minutes using only our pumpkins, carving tools, and your creativity. 

Piggy Apple Bobbing

Our piggies want to join in the too! They can’t wait to show you all the tricks they have learnt and at the end they get to play their FAVOURITE game!

Fancy Dress Parade

Dress up as your favourite Halloween character and join our crew for our Fancy Dress Parade. Big Kids can join in too!

Spooky Sheep Race

ROLL UP, ROLL UP, Place your bets! Cast your eye over our Thoroughbred Racing Sheep. Choose your favourite and Place your bet. Cheer them on as they playfully race around our course. 

Muddy Monster Trail

Farmer Geoff’s team of monsters have escaped. He needs your help to round them up!


Enjoy our Halloween Ice cream Creations including our Deathly Mallows Ice SCREAM and some GHOULISH Sundaes


Sarah - Google Review

Visited during the Halloween event. Excellent value for money.


Leah, Google Review

Had an amazing day today at the farm, pumpkin picking with my little boy.



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