Santa’s Sleigh School

December weekends and 21st-24th December

Learn to pass your Sleigh Ride Proficiency Test this year with the help of our Elves, Mother Christmas, Betsy Bakewell and Father Christmas!


Take your Sleigh Ride Licence with you on your 2 hour journey and make sure you collect the stamps along the way from those very important North Pole helpers!


At the end of your journey, you will have completed your Sleigh Proficiency Test and be rewarded with a present from Santa through our Magical Chimney!

Limited tickets- Book now!!

The Theory Test

This year the Elves are having to learn how to fly the Sleigh with Father Christmas after a slight mishap last year….

Jingle and Jangle the Elves need all your help in helping them get ready for the big day!

Learn how to reverse round chimneys, take off from roofs, emergency stops and night time hazard awareness!

Simulation with imagination….our Elves are bound to have you in stiches!

The Wishing Well

Pass through the wardrobe into the Wishing Woods….but first make sure you have your 3D glasses to see the real Christmas magic!

Look for the Wishing Well….

Here you can throw your very own Christmas wish into the well!

Hot Chocolate Time

Have a break!

Come enjoy some complimentary hot chocolate as you write your letter to Father Christmas!

You’ll need that hot chocolate energy with what Mother Christmas has planned for you!

Mother Christmas

Mother Christmas loves Rudolph very much but after last years mishap with the sleigh, she thinks it might not be a bad idea to get some more animals trained up to fly the sleigh!

Help Mother Christmas choose the best animals for the task….Chicken?? Rabbit?? Cow?? Which one will be best!

Meet your chosen Animal!

Come meet some of the candidates for pulling the Sleigh this year! What will you choose??

Rabbits have good ears for hearing….Turkeys have good wings for flying…..and Goats are good at jumping….decisions, decisions!!

Father Christmas


For the final part of the experience…. Step into Father Christmas’s Grotto and climb into your very own sleigh. Are you ready to practice those Sleigh Ride moves with Father Christmas??

If he approves of your Sleigh flying, he will sign your Sleigh Flying Licence! But that’s not all! Our Elves will be checking your Sleigh Licences under the scanner so that you can request a present from the Magical Chimney!

Once you have completed your Sleigh Proficiency Test and received your present, you will be able to have a wonder around our Elf Houses

How we are making this experience safe for you and your family this Christmas:

Since we have opened our doors in July we have been committed to keeping all our of customers safe on site through numerous protective measures against Covid 19. We will continue to keep you safe on our Christmas experience whilst not ruining the magic, to keep you updated with our measures, please read what we will have in place for you:

  • Whilst this is run as a walking tour with other families, all of our activities have been designed to allow for social distancing between every family and you will only ever be seated with your own group, never with anyone that you do not know.
  • Our lovely North Pole Elves will be there to oversee and assist with the management of our activities and offer guidance to customers on where to sit and stand
  • We have moved our Christmas experience this year to all of our indoor buildings to allow for more space for families to social distance
  • There are 6 different locations that you will move around, each location will be cleaned before you enter.
  • Our North Pole Elves will be busy cleaning away doing deep cleans throughout the day
  • Mother Christmas, Father Christmas and his Elves are all aware that they cannot be closer than 2 metres to families (they don’t have Covid 19 in the North Pole and they’d like to keep it that way!)
  • Any activity materials that are given to you will either be yours to own or will have been in quarantine for 72 hours
  • Drinks will be given in disposable eco friendly cups
  • Children will be able to select which toy they like off our display wall and the toy will be delivered through the Magical Chimney!

We will also make sure that we follow all government guidelines at the time of the event