Santa’s Woodland Adventure

a truly magical experience for the whole family


Our Christmas experiences are pre bookings only

This experience is in a group format for a fun and relaxed session with Santa!


Prices range from £5.95- £17.95

Includes regular Farm entry




The Candycane Express Departure Lounge

Check in with our North Pole Elves at the ‘Candycane Express Departure Lounge’….but first a test to see if you have the true Christmas spirit!

In the departure lounge Children and Adults can visit the ‘Sugar Plum Sweetie Shop’ and adults can enjoy a complimentary Mulled Wine!

Play Christmas board games, write a letter to Santa and add your Christmas wish to our wish trees whilst you wait to board the Candycane Express

The Candycane Express

All aboard!!!

Follow the Candycanes down the path..you can’t go wrong!

Step aboard the Candycane Express and journey across to The Wood’s where Mrs Claus will warmly greet you all before going in search of Santa’s Woodland Cabin!

Santa’s Woodland Cabin

Follow the winding paths through the Christmas trees where you will find Santa’s Woodland Cabin…

Enjoy a thorough 10 minute session with Santa in his cosy cabin as your children laugh and play with him and tell him their Christmas wishes…

Once they’ve had that special visit to Santa, it’s off to choose a Toy!

Bluebell Frostcrackers’ Toyshop

Follow the Christmas tree lined paths to the Toyshop where Children can choose whichever toy they would like!

There’s something for everyone!

The Elf Hunt

Hidden away in the Christmas Trees are some little Elves houses! Santa needs your helping in finding all them all!

The Baker Elf, The Shoemaker Elf, The Toy Elf and more!

Find their houses and mark them on your quiz sheet

Reindeer Food Making

Head over to the stables to make some nutritious Reindeer food to take home with you and sprinkle on your garden to lead Rudolph to your house!