School and Nursery visits to Santa Claus

5th and 12th December


£7.50 per child

Included in this price is all day farm access!


Bookings start from 10am. To enquire about availability, please email [email protected]


Departure Lounge

Check into our departure lounge with our Christmas Elves and pass through the ‘Naughty or Nice’ passport security control!


Write your Christmas letter to Santa whilst you wait for your walk to Santa’s woodland Cabin, place your Christmas wish on our wish Trees and make some tasty Reindeer food to leave out for Santa’s Reindeer.

Mrs Claus’ Winter Walk

Let Mrs Claus lead the way to Santa’s Woodland Cabin!

Along your Winter Walk you may find some cheeky Snowmen…be sure to shout when you see them!!



Santa’s Woodland Cabin

Follow Mrs Claus, she will lead the way through the tree lined paths to Santa’s cosy cabin near the Woods.

Settle down in Santa’s cabin for a welcoming and relaxed visit that is not rushed and gives everyone the special attention that all the good Girls and Boys deserve!


Nativity Animals

Leave Santa’s Woodland Cabin through Christmas Tree Alley to the Nativity Animals.

Alpacas, Sheep and  Donkeys will all be happy to meet you on your way back to the Farm!



Booking Information

  • This is not an educational visit so does not include a host for the day or a guided tour of the animal patch
  • Maximum of 40 children per booking
  • Maximum of 3-4 adults per 15 children
  • This package is not open to parents
  • Ice Cream is not included in this package
  • Squash and Biscuits is not included in this package
  • Please bring your own hi-vis jackets with name labels as there will be more than 1 school on site
  • Please do let us know if the coaches plan to stay for the duration of the trip
  • Please ensure that all parents know that sensible and warm footwear and coats will need to be provided as children will be outside for most of the day