The Vintage Harvest - Bluebell Dairy

The Vintage Harvest

22nd and 23rd September


Regular farm entry £4.50



No need to pre book



Vintage Tractors

Cast your eyes upon the tractors that helped to produce the food during the 1940’s and see how much they have changed throughout the years!

Ploughing Demonstration

Be sure to check out one of these beautiful vintage tractors in action as they plough the fields as would have been done decades ago!


Static Machinery Display

See some of the old machinery and tools that were used to farm the lands before the arrival of more technologically advanced farm machinery and learn about their purposes!


Brunswood Farm Through Time

Step back into time and see Brunswood back when Grandpa Brown farmed the land!

Learn about the Brown family’s history and learn about our diversification story!


Harvest Crafts

Have a go at making some bread dough by hand just as the baker’s would have done back in the day!

Why not see if you can make your own butter as well?! If you’re muscles are big enough that is!



Great Derbyshire Bake Off

Bring us your most scrumptious homemade Cakes (no cheating!) and our Baker Sarah will judge them in the Bakers tent!


Old fashioned British baking recipes will also be available for you to take home and try!



Tractor and Trailer Rides

£1 per ride per person

Introducing the new Taxi Trailer Service…..’Moober’!

Offering scenic, exciting and slightly bumpy rides across the Derbyshire countryside!

Learn about the Brown family history and discover life on the Farm!



Take part in all our daily Animal Activities, there’s so much to do!

Lamb Leading, Sheep Racing, Grooming, Pat a Pet and Feeding are all things you can get involved in!