Wool Week Celebration

13th-14th October


Regular farm entry

Children- £4.50

Adults- £4.50

Under 2’s- FREE

Adult Members- FREE

Child Members- FREE

Carer- FREE (I.D required)

Sheep Racing

Join us on the farm for Sheep Racing! A real exciting activity for the family to get involved in! The sheep even get a treat too!


Head over to the bookies to place your bet on your favourite sheep and cheer it along the course. The one with the winning ticket will receive a FREE return pass to Bluebells!

Lamb Leading

Leads aren’t just for Dogs!


Make sure our Sheep are getting their daily exercise and take them for a walk around the Animal Patch!

Shear a Sheep

Practice those Farmer skills and have a go at shearing your own sheep!


Wonderful Wool Crafts

Head over to the craft corner and create some lovely things to take away with you to remember your day by!


Meet and Greet our Alpacas!

Let’s not forget our wooly Alpacas! Head over to the Alpaca paddock and learn all about these beautiful animals and what their wool is used for.