birthday parties


back for 2024!

Saddle up for  an udderly farm-tastic day filled with animal encounters & playful adventures to make your child’s special day LEGENDAIRY!

Available selected weekends April-September



What your birthday package includes:

2 hour party
A dedicated party booth
Guided tour around our animals
Private animal encounter session
Entry to the Farm Park all day for your invited guests
Homemade cold buffet
1 free adult per invited guest
2 free adults for the birthday child
1 tub of Bluebells ice cream for each invited child
Animal food provided for the children 
Free return pass for every invited party guest
£5 voucher for the birthday child


Information on our birthday parties


  • £18 per child
  •  Selected dates available April- September

  • Minimum 10 children

  • Maximum 30 children

  • 50% non-refundable deposit payable on booking.

  • Rest of payment with final numbers due 7 days before the party

party faq’s


Important information about our parties!


How can I book my party?

All parties can be booked online

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking with the final balance due 7 days before the party. Party reservations cannot be taken without a deposit.

How many children can I invite to the party?

We request a minimum of 10 paying children per birthday party and no more than 30 children. Each child invited is £18 (including the birthday child). 

Do I need to pay for invited guest's siblings?

You are not obliged to pay for guest’s siblings yourself if they are not an invited guest, however, they will need to book a farm park ticket either by paying over the phone ahead of the party or on the gate at the day rate. Food will not be provided for any children that are not on the invited guest list. 

Do I need to pay for adults?

There are 2 free adults for the birthday child and 1 free adult per invited guest. You are not obliged to pay for additional adults, however, any extra adults will need to pay to enter the farm park. Payment for this can be made either on the phone ahead of the party or on the gate at the day rate.

When do i need to confirm final numbers by?

We will need to know final numbers 7 days before the party when the final balance is due. We will contact you via email asking you to confirm numbers.

What if any of the guests have specific dietary requirements?

We can cater for different dietary requirements and ask that you let us know at least 72 hours before the party

Do I need to pay for guests who do not turn up?

Refunds will not be offered for children who do not attend the party

How long do we have the party space for?

You have the party space for 2 hours from the time you have booked, after 2 hours we will need the space returned so that we can get ready for the next party

How long can we stay at the farm?

Your 2 hours use of the party space starts from the time you have booked but your party includes all day entry to the farm so can arrive and leave at any point during opening hours

Do I need to pay for under 1's

Under 1’s do not need to be paid for. However, they will not receive party food, ice cream or animal food and a free adult is not included in this. A birthday party will also need to have a minimum of 10 paying children.

What will my animal encounter be?

You can choose from either Small Animals, Mini Beasts or Goats/Sheep. The activities will vary throughout the seasons to tie in with weather. The activity will last approximately 15-20 minutes in addition to a guided tour around the animals.

Do you provide the birthday cake?

We do not provide a birthday cake, but we are happy to provide a knife to cut the cake. Please note, our team our not responsible for the cutting of the cake.

Can we leave our possessions in the party booth?

The party booth will not be supervised during the party but there will be a lockable chest to keep any items in. We recommend anything of value to not be left unattended.

Will the room be decorated?

The room will be set up for your birthday party in a farm theme, however, decorations will not be provided. You are welcome to bring your own for the party booth, however, there must be no fittings to any walls and you will need to put these up yourself.

Can I bring any entertainers?

We politely request that you do not bring any entertainers on site as this can cause upset to other farm park customers

Can we play our own music?

There will be generic kids music playing during the party, we will not be able to set up your own MP3’s as there will be other parties in the vicinity

Do I need to include the Birthday Child when booking?

Yes the Birthday child counts as one of the attendees, you do need to include them in your booking numbers.