adult only night

20th JULY 2024 6pm-10pm

Cow safari

Head across our field to meet our Cows! Learn all about farming at Bluebells Farm and feed the cows along the way!

If you’re lucky Farmer Max will share some of his mooovellous cow jokes with you!

the sheep race

Ready, get set, go!!

Cheer on our Sheep as they take part in our Sheep Race! Place a free bet and win a sticker if your sheep wins!

the pig show

Watch our Piggies in action at our Pig Show!

See them do tricks, learn all about pigs and give them some treats!

feed the highlands

Come meet our friendly Highland Cows!

Give them some fuss and feed them some treats!

creepy crawly handling

Face your fears and have a go at holding our creepy crawlies. Maybe you will be brave enough to hold the Tarantulas!

sheep walking

Take our fluffy sheep for a stroll on a lead! Give them some treats and grab the perfect picture

tortoise spa

Help care for our Tortoises by helping clean their shells!

small animal petting

Head over to Cuddle Corner and meet the smallest residents on the farm

farmer’s grill

Chef Josie has been cooking up some delicious treats for you all!

Homemade, pulled beef brisket balls you say? Yes please!

Prefer veggies? Then why not a warm falafel flatbread instead! 

bouncy pillow

Our most popular area of play for small kids and grown up kids too!!

Bounce to the skies and enjoy the farm fresh air!

go karts

It might not be Silverstone but you’ll still have great fun racing your pals around the track!

artisan ice cream

Don’t forget to indulge in our delicious artisan ice cream from our own cow’s milk

Choose from 26 different flavours and sundaes and sweet treats!