Join us for our most magical and interactive christmas yet!

 Celebrate the wonder of  Santa’s Enchanted Christmas this year!
Meet real reindeer, unleash your creativity at the Create-a-Bear workshop, meet our friendly and happy Elves and receive a gift from the magical chimney! This heart warming adventure promises unforgettable moments of joy and togetherness for the whole family!


30th November, 1st, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th December

Entry also includes access to the farm, you can enter the farm at anytime from 9.30am. Your ticket time is the time of your experience!

Every year our Christmas Event is a COMPLETE SELL OUT, we have had a record level of interest last year and we have a limited number of tickets, so please make sure you BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.

The ticket price already includes the 20% discount!

create-a-bear elf workshop

The spirit of Christmas has brought Santa and his Magical Elves to Bluebell Dairy. These gifted Elves run the North Pole’s wondrous Bear Workshop!

This year, they share their enchanting talents with the children, guiding them in crafting their very own cuddly bears filled with Christmas magic!

Take your newly created bear home with you to cherish forever!

toy from our magical chimney

Head into our Toyshop where Children can choose their toy from a large selection of gifts suited for all ages

Watch your children’s eyes sparkle with joy as they see their chosen present come through a cloud of smoke from our magical chimney! 

real reindeer

Meet our real reindeer nestled in their cosy barn.

While spending time with them, you have the chance to feed them lichen, a special treat they relish during the holiday season! Allowing you to connect with these cherished symbols of Christmas and create unforgettable moments with nature’s most beloved sleigh-pullers!

However, to ensure their well-being, we provide limited amounts of lichen per day.

santa’s and his giant chimney

Witness the enchantment as Santa descends makes his grand entrance out of a giant chimney! It’s a moment of pure magic, perfect for creating cherished memories with family and friends!

jack frost’s ice palace

Join Jack Frost on a merry adventure as he seeks the help of children to bring the enchantment of snow to our warm holiday season!

Engage in a series of festive tasks and playful games that, when accomplished, will coax the elusive snowflakes to fall!

humbug’s secret sweetie shed

After popular demand Humbug the Elf is making a return! Although his Sweetie Tractor is fixed, his Secret Sweetie Shed is in a proper mess!

The Lollipops haven’t popped! The Candy Canes aren’t growing straight, there are weeds (sprouts) in all his precious plant pots and the letter’s have all fallen off his sign!

Can the boys and girls help Humbug to put the Secret Sweetie Shed back to how it should be? And can they help him magic a selection of delectables in the Testing Trunk for the very important Santa Sweetie Inspection?

reindeer food making

Create magical reindeer food to leave outside on Christmas Eve for Rudolph and his companions to guide Santa’s sleigh!

A heart warming tradition of joy and giving that fills Christmas Eve with enchantment!

the alpine bar

Head over to our Alpine Bar for a warming pitstop! Fill your bellies with our delicious, homemade hot chocolate made from our own cow’s milk!

Write your letter to Santa at the same time with the help from our friendly Elves!

You can select the date and time you would like to take part in the Christmas experience.

The experience will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes a variety of activities such as a show, creative tasks, refreshments and a seated session with Father Christmas. Each activity lasts approximately 15 minutes.

All tickets include entrance to Bluebell Dairy on the day, anytime before your timeslot. Site opens at 9.30am



What age range is this suitable for ?
The Father Christmas Experience is suitable for all ages, there are characters for all ages, tall and small. We have listened to feeedback and worked hard to make it even more interactive
Is The Father Christmas Experience suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs?
Sorry we can not accomodate pushchairs in The Father Christmas Experience. There is an undercover buggy park for you to use.

We can accomodate one wheelchair per timeslot, but please be aware that there are loose surfaces and raised thresholds. Please book a wheelchair ticket. We do not recommend motorised wheelchairs

Do I need a ticket for Under 1's?
Under 1’s are free but still please book a ticket. If you would like a present and create-a-bear for your under 1 then please book a child ticket.
How long does the experience last?
The experience lasts in the region of 1 hour 15 to 1 hour 30 minutes
What time should I arrive?
The time on your ticket is your experience time, so please don’t be late. WE ADVISE YOU ARRIVE ON SITE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEOFRE YOUR TIME SLOT. We also advise that you make your wait over to the Father Christmas Experience NO LATER than 5 minutes before your time slot.

PLEASE NOTE, this is usually a sell out event and so if you are late we will be unable to move you to a different timeslot. Instead we will slot you in to the xperience with the rest of the group for yourtimeslot and you are likely to have missed part of the experience

You are welcome to arrive at the farm anytime BEFORE your timeslot. The Farm opens from 9.30am

What time does the Farm open?
The farm opens from 9.30am
Can we come prior to our ticket time?
Yes your are welcome to arrive at the farm anytime before your slot. Your ticket time is the time that your experience starts. The farm opens from 9.30am
Can I go round the farm?
Yes of course. All areas of the farm will be open dependant on the weather. Please note that at this time of year some of our paddocks will be emtpy and the aninmals will be in their winter housing. Animal activities and the tractor ride are not running at this time of year. Our go-kart track has been taken over by The Father Christmas Experience
Are all areas of the farm open?
The animal patch is open, but please be aware that at this time of the year some of the animals are in their winter housing so there may be some empty paddocks.

The bouncy Pillow is open unless it is raining

The main Cow to Cone Play area is open, but the smaller junioor play area is closed

The go-kart track is closed as it is being used for the Experience

The in-door play barn is open

The cafe is open

Animal activities and tractor rides do not run at this time of year

Can we purchase tickets on the day?
We usually sell out for this event, so to avoid disappointment, we heavily recommend you pre-book your tickets. If there are any timeslots left than we will sell them on the day.
Are dogs allowed?
Sorry no dogs except for assistance dogs in The Father Christmas Experience
Are there toilets near by?
We would advise you go to the toilet before the start of your expereince. However there are toilets and chanigng facilities no more than 80 metres from the experience
How can I get in contact with you?
Please ring 01332 673924 or email info@bluebelldairy.co.uk
Ive booked but haven't received my booking confirmation email?
Sometimes when an event has high demand and lots of people bookings at one time, your confirmation email may take a little while to come through, as long as you get to the completion screen where you have a unique order reference, your booking is secure, if in doubt, log into your account on our website, and you will see your booking (if you have successfully made one) in your bookings section.

Please also check your Junk mail folder

If you still havent received your email and have done the above then please contact the office on 01332 673924 or info@bluebelldairy.co.uk

Is the cafe open?
The cafe is open from 10am to 7pm

Last hot food orders at 5.45pm

Christmas Eve the cafe is open until 3pm with last hot food orders at 2.30pm