An afternoon that the Brown family and their team at Bluebells will never forget. The Prince of Wales joined the Brown family in their kitchen at Brunswood Farm, Spondon Derbyshire for tea and homemade Derbyshire Fruit Loaf.

Rosemary Brown said, “The Prince of Wales was so interested in what we do as a business. He wanted to understand how we managed our business and our objectives for the growth of the Bluebells Real Dairy Ice Cream brand.”

After tea, Geoff and Oliver Brown showed The Prince of Wales chocolate ice cream being made. He then toured the farm, visiting the cow yards and calf shed. Following this Rosemary and Henrietta Brown showed him the stunning displays of homemade cakes and local produce before introducing him to the team working in Bluebells Farm Shop and Café. He asked them about their roles at Bluebells and made everyone feel extremely relaxed.

The final stop was the ice cream cabinet where he discussed ice cream production and flavours in great depth with Oliver Brown. He then asked to try Bluebells Strawberry flavour and the recipe that was developed especially for his visit; Bluebells Bread and Butter Pudding Ice Cream.

Before departing for his next visit in the county, the youngest members of the Brown family; Archie (4) and Elodie (2), presented him with homemade Derbyshire Honey Cake and a basket of Derbyshire produce.

Oliver Brown reflected on the visit; “It really was an amazing afternoon. He showed such genuine interest in what we do at Bluebells. The highlight for me was to see The Prince of Wales enjoying the ice cream that we have made with our own fresh farm milk at Bluebells.”