Clotted Cream

A clean, simply milky ice cream made with clotted cream right on our farm.

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Clotted Cream is a real favourite with any ice cream makers. Our approach was to keep it really simple, focus on the core flavour and produce it with clotted cream from right here on our farm.

It’s been described as “White as the driven snow” during one of our award tasting submissions. The real joy comes from keeping this simple, using our artisan skills, it’s all about the look and the taste.

This ice cream is an award winner, which we are very proud of, claiming the Great Taste Award 2016 with 2 stars!

The judge’s comments were:
“‘White as the driven snow’ Really delicious, creamy but that richness tamed by the home produced milk. Great to find an ice cream with no other flavour, not even vanilla. As one judge said, we could almost hear the cows mooing. A really natural product.”
“A very good, clean, simple milky ice cream which relies purely on quality milk and clotted cream – this has nowhere to hide – it is simply a fine example of good milk, good cream, good artisan skills and a fine tasting end result.”

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